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How can I contact CREDO?

You can contact us by email, phone or through our customer service sites.

Email: [email protected]
Call: 800-788-0898
CREDO Long Distance:
CREDO Mobile:
Other Products and Services:

How can I get up-to-date account information?

With our 24-hour Automated Service Center, you can check your account balance, make payment arrangements, get our payment address and much more. Call 800-548-2567.

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How does CREDO protect my privacy?

CREDO strongly supports protecting the privacy of our customers. To read more about our privacy and site security policy, click here.

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How do I tell CREDO that I'm moving?

If you're planning to move, plan on telling us. Otherwise you'll leave us behind. Simply visit Customer Service and update your address when you move. Or call us at 800-788-0898.

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What is the FCC Universal Fee?

The FCC Universal Fee is assessed against interstate and international long distance tolls, including calling card tolls. The fee is to reduce telephone costs for low-income persons, to subsidize the cost of connecting schools, libraries and rural hospitals to the internet, and to lower the cost of rural telephone service.

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Adult Line Information

Adult line providers are known to offer services via international long distance lines without disclosing the international nature of the call. CREDO has no affiliation with adult line providers and does not control the routing of adult line services. If you utilize adult line services, international long distance charges may appear on your CREDO bill, and they cannot be credited by CREDO. To prevent all international calling from your home phone, please contact your local phone company to request an international block.

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Donations and Citizen Actions

Information on our donations and political programs.

How does the CREDO donations process work?

Whenever you use our services, we donate a portion of the charges to worthy nonprofit organizations, at no cost to you. Since 1985, members like you have helped raise more than $83 million for nonprofit groups worldwide.

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What is a round-up contribution?

You can increase your support to nonprofit groups by simply rounding up your phone payment each month to the nearest dollar or five dollars. CREDO will add your voluntary tax-deductible contribution to our donations pool.

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How do Free Speech calls work?

In every phone bill, we provide customers with updates on urgent issues in which your voice can make a difference. We name key decision-makers and let you call them free: two Free Speech calls per day, each five minutes in length from your home phone with CREDO Long Distance; or 30 minutes per month with CREDO Mobile.

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CREDO Products and Services

Descriptions and links to other CREDO products and services.

What is CREDO Mobile?

Enjoy a nationwide digital network, quality phones, affordable rates and donations to progressive causes. To learn more, visit

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What is CREDO Action?

The CREDO Action website plugs you into a network of 5 million activists and provides easy and effective ways to take action on urgent, progressive issues—free of charge.

To learn more visit

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